Sarah and Brandon { Grand Plaza St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer }

Have I mentioned how much I love Grand Plaza weddings? Especially when there’s clear skies; the atmosphere and scene is just idyllic. And I really have to mention how excellent the staff is at this venue. From all the weddings I’ve shot here, I’ve never seen them experience even the tiniest hitch or seen a bride remotely unsatisfied. Sarah couldn’t have been happier. But, it should be noted, she’s one of the sweetest and most easy going girls I’ve ever met. From the moment I got there, she was nothing but smiles, making sure everyone else was taken care of and accounted for. And that’s on her day. She and Brandon are both very charming to say the least, and I’m positive everyone present that day can vouch to that and to what a lovely couple these two are and will no doubt, continue to be.


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