Ljubica and Scott { Grand Plaza Wedding Photographer }

The Grand Plaza at Saint Pete Beach hosts many, many weddings every year, so understandably, they sometimes all blur together. But, there’s always that handful that stands out, that anyone present can recall without hesitation. Luby and Scott’s wedding is most definitely one of those memorable ones. I think a large part of that goes to them as a couple. Their chemistry and dynamic was something that’ll probably be imprinted in my brain for a long time. Every single time I looked at them, they always seemed to be sharing an intimate moment, despite the fact that they were surrounded by friends and family. Which is another thing that added to that unforgettable day at the Grand Plaza at Saint Pete Beach. All their guests were so happy, so loving, and so celebratory. The way they were all united on the bride and groom’s special day just shows that they all had a part in Luby and Scott’s journey. So, it’s safe to say, we absolutely loved taking their wedding pictures at their beautiful venue on Saint Pete Beach.


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