Diana and Dan { Straz Center Tampa Wedding Photographer }

Being a wedding photographer that’s located on the coast of Florida, ninety percent of the weddings I do are on a beach, so it’s such a nice change of scenery when I’m booked somewhere else, anywhere else. Especially, downtown Tampa. It gives off a different vibe compared to the other cities nearby. All the Northern inspired brick and big ole’ thick trunked trees make it easy to forget you’re in the most south part of the United States.

The outskirts of the Straz Center in particular is one of the star points of Downtown Tampa, which is where Diana and Dan wisely chose as the setting for their ceremony. It made for dazzling pictures that stand out from the massive amount of generic wedding galleries that are captured in Florida and I absolutely love the dark shades used in the bridal parties wardrobe because it helps distinguish Diana and Dan’s wedding even more from the rest of the sunshine state’s.

Check back soon for the follow up of this original wedding at the Straz Center in Downtown Tampa!

Spark Diana and Dan-001Spark Diana and Dan-008Spark Diana and Dan-023Spark Diana and Dan-032Spark Diana and Dan-067Spark Diana and Dan-073Spark Diana and Dan-082Spark Diana and Dan-106Spark Diana and Dan-109Spark Diana and Dan-113Spark Diana and Dan-124Spark Diana and Dan-128Spark Diana and Dan-137Spark Diana and Dan-146Spark Diana and Dan-149

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