Erica and Dion { Grand Plaza Saint Pete Beach Wedding Photographer }

It was pretty gratifying to be Erica and Dion’s wedding photographer at the Grand Plaza on Saint Pete Beach. They’re a delightful couple that are immensely family and friend orientated. There was no doubt they had so much love for everyone present on their important day. And there was definitely no room for doubt about the love they had for each other. Dion couldn’t tear his eyes away from his bride, and Erica seemed to be in pure bliss as her husband-to-be vowed to be hers for eternity.

To see more from Erica and Dion’s gallery, check back in a week or two for the continuation of their wedding day. You won’t want to miss their couple shots or the festivities of their reception at the Grand Plaza. Saint Pete Beach seems to be one of Florida’s top choices when it comes to wedding venues, and for good reason, too. A bride is never disappointted with their work because they guarantee absolute satisfaction.

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