Karime and Matt { Grand Plaza Saint Pete Beach Wedding Photographer }

Part 2 of Karime and Matt’s wedding day as promised! First off, I’m going to start with commending the Grand Plaza at Saint Pete Beach for doing such a flawless job at guaranteeing that everything went perfectly; starting from the pre-ceremony all the way to the very last second of the reception. Clearly seen below, the venue is gorgeous and down right perfect for universally anyone.

However, I must say, my favorite part of the reception would have to be the guests. They amplified the energy and euphoria in that room to the max. It seemed like each and everyone of them were determined to make this night one that would not easily be forgotten. Their good spirits were not artificial in the least bit, everyone was truly celebrating Karime and Matt’s union because they were aware of the obvious. That these two were practically a match made in heaven.

Still beyond happy that I got to be there with you two through it all at the Grand Plaza on Saint Pete Beach. Congratulations Karime and Matt and I wish you the very best as you continue this new chapter in your life!

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