Diana and Dan { Straz Center Tampa Wedding Photographer }

Finally got the rest of the highlights from Diana and Dan’s lovely Straz Center wedding up! We had a blast exploring downtown Tampa and taking some first-rate photos on the way. It was a breeze capturing these two together because she was always laughing at something he did or said and he was always cheesing just from looking at her. I’m very grateful they chose me to be their wedding photographer because they were truly a delight to be around.

And they really know how to throw a party. If just the handful of photos below aren’t indication enough, let me personally say that their reception was one of most classy yet vivaciously festive that I have witnessed. So much energy, so much felicity. I’m in love with every part of this wedding. The couple, the venue, the details, the guests- everything. I won’t be forgetting this authentic Tampa wedding anytime soon.

Spark Diana and Dan-195Spark Diana and Dan-196Spark Diana and Dan-198Spark Diana and Dan-203Spark Diana and Dan-201Spark Diana and Dan-213Spark Diana and Dan-223Spark Diana and Dan-254Spark Diana and Dan-253Spark Diana and Dan-312Spark Diana and Dan-346Spark Diana and Dan-363

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