Cara and Chad { Hilton Downtown Tampa Wedding Photographer }

Remember how I said that Cara and Chad’s reception was just as charming as their ceremony? Well, now you can see for yourself! The Hilton in Downtown Tampa did a fantastic job with it all from start to finish. I’m glad they kept the same seasonal but classic theme that initially impressed everyone at the ceremony. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Autumn colors and twinkly lights.

Enough of me doting on the details and the decoration. Let me finally tell you something about Cara and Chad. One of my favorite things about them was that they new how to make fun of themselves and of each other. That’s a sign that they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is a great quality to have, especially at the beginning of a marriage. In addition to being able to make fun, they knew how to have fun. The night was full of performances, starting off with the groom’s energetic serenade and ending with a choreographed dance by the groomsmen and a few guests.

There was so much carefree bliss in that room that celebratory night and I had the opportunity to capture it all as their wedding photographer. A beautiful night with beautiful people.

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