Erica and Dion { Grand Plaza Saint Pete Beach Wedding Photographer }

I’m pleased to share the rest of the highlights from Erica and Dion’s wedding with you! We walked on the coast of Saint Pete Beach and the outskirts of their venue, the Grand Plaza, for their couple shots. They’re a very charismatic couple, so in no time, we had all the pictures we needed for the time being and headed back to the Presidential Ballroom for their much deserved reception.

The atmosphere during a reception varies greatly in each and every wedding, and it has much to do with the personalities of the bride and groom. Erica and Dion’s reception reflected their class but also their carefree side.  It started as elegant and sophisticated as most do at this Ballroom, but before long, everyone let loose and were having a really good time. The couple and I left all the guests still dancing the night away to take a couple more pictures for them to look back on as they embark on this new journey together. Congratulations, Erica and Dion!

Spark Erica and Dion-166Spark Erica and Dion-173Spark Erica and Dion-177Spark Erica and Dion-191Spark Erica and Dion-199Spark Erica and Dion-201Spark Erica and Dion-204Spark Erica and Dion-277Spark Erica and Dion-312Spark Erica and Dion-322Spark Erica and Dion-268Spark Erica and Dion-271Spark Erica and Dion-273

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