Luisa and John { Don Cesar Wedding Photographer }

I was going to leave it at Part Two, but I decided it’d almost be a crime not to share some more photos from Luisa and John’s wedding at the Don Cesar on Saint Pete beach. At least just a few from their reception and sunset pictures. As you may recall me saying in Part One, Luisa and John’s ceremony was a very special and intimate affair. Their reception was no different.

In our time, more and more wedding receptions seem to stray away from the celebration of two people being brought together, and start to more resemble a big party centered on drinking and dancing. So, I could really appreciate Luisa and John’s decision to have their reception in a beautiful dining room where the people closest to them could all enjoy a fine meal and share some words of love and encouragement. This graceful affair remained focused on the beauty of Luisa and John’s special day.

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