Luisa and John { Don Cesar Wedding Photographer }

I didn’t forget to comeback with Part Two from the last wedding we did at the Don Cesar! Here’s some of the shots from Luisa and John’s portrait session. I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed taking them. They literally glow when they’re around each other, it’s like they’re high school sweethearts.

That’s what happens when you find someone you belong with. It’s as if anyone before them never happened and you’ve just experiencing love for the first time. Because of that, they were such a pleasure to work with. Time breezed by on Saint Pete Beach as I snapped photos of Luisa and John just being Luisa and John.

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Luisa and John { Don Cesar Wedding Photographer }

Ceremonies with an attendance on the smaller side will always hold a special place in my heart. There’s just something about the intimacy of the affair that makes it all the more special. Luisa and John’s wedding ceremony at the Don Cesar on Saint Pete Beach was nothing if not special. It revealed other qualities of theirs as well.

For one, they’ve a very classic but also cultured couple. I love how they incorporated a little taste of their homeland into their special day. But, instead of telling you about it, I’ll show you. Check out the photos below of this Don Cesar wedding! And make sure to check back soon for more pictures from their collection!

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Erica and Dion { Grand Plaza Saint Pete Beach Wedding Photographer }

I’m pleased to share the rest of the highlights from Erica and Dion’s wedding with you! We walked on the coast of Saint Pete Beach and the outskirts of their venue, the Grand Plaza, for their couple shots. They’re a very charismatic couple, so in no time, we had all the pictures we needed for the time being and headed back to the Presidential Ballroom for their much deserved reception.

The atmosphere during a reception varies greatly in each and every wedding, and it has much to do with the personalities of the bride and groom. Erica and Dion’s reception reflected their class but also their carefree side.  It started as elegant and sophisticated as most do at this Ballroom, but before long, everyone let loose and were having a really good time. The couple and I left all the guests still dancing the night away to take a couple more pictures for them to look back on as they embark on this new journey together. Congratulations, Erica and Dion!

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Cara and Chad { Hilton Downtown Tampa Wedding Photographer }

Remember how I said that Cara and Chad’s reception was just as charming as their ceremony? Well, now you can see for yourself! The Hilton in Downtown Tampa did a fantastic job with it all from start to finish. I’m glad they kept the same seasonal but classic theme that initially impressed everyone at the ceremony. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Autumn colors and twinkly lights.

Enough of me doting on the details and the decoration. Let me finally tell you something about Cara and Chad. One of my favorite things about them was that they new how to make fun of themselves and of each other. That’s a sign that they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is a great quality to have, especially at the beginning of a marriage. In addition to being able to make fun, they knew how to have fun. The night was full of performances, starting off with the groom’s energetic serenade and ending with a choreographed dance by the groomsmen and a few guests.

There was so much carefree bliss in that room that celebratory night and I had the opportunity to capture it all as their wedding photographer. A beautiful night with beautiful people.

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Diana and Dan { Straz Center Tampa Wedding Photographer }

Finally got the rest of the highlights from Diana and Dan’s lovely Straz Center wedding up! We had a blast exploring downtown Tampa and taking some first-rate photos on the way. It was a breeze capturing these two together because she was always laughing at something he did or said and he was always cheesing just from looking at her. I’m very grateful they chose me to be their wedding photographer because they were truly a delight to be around.

And they really know how to throw a party. If just the handful of photos below aren’t indication enough, let me personally say that their reception was one of most classy yet vivaciously festive that I have witnessed. So much energy, so much felicity. I’m in love with every part of this wedding. The couple, the venue, the details, the guests- everything. I won’t be forgetting this authentic Tampa wedding anytime soon.

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