Karime and Matt { Grand Plaza Saint Pete Beach Wedding Photographer }

Part 2 of Karime and Matt’s wedding day as promised! First off, I’m going to start with commending the Grand Plaza at Saint Pete Beach for doing such a flawless job at guaranteeing that everything went perfectly; starting from the pre-ceremony all the way to the very last second of the reception. Clearly seen below, the venue is gorgeous and down right perfect for universally anyone.

However, I must say, my favorite part of the reception would have to be the guests. They amplified the energy and euphoria in that room to the max. It seemed like each and everyone of them were determined to make this night one that would not easily be forgotten. Their good spirits were not artificial in the least bit, everyone was truly celebrating Karime and Matt’s union because they were aware of the obvious. That these two were practically a match made in heaven.

Still beyond happy that I got to be there with you two through it all at the Grand Plaza on Saint Pete Beach. Congratulations Karime and Matt and I wish you the very best as you continue this new chapter in your life!

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Erica and Dion { Grand Plaza Saint Pete Beach Wedding Photographer }

It was pretty gratifying to be Erica and Dion’s wedding photographer at the Grand Plaza on Saint Pete Beach. They’re a delightful couple that are immensely family and friend orientated. There was no doubt they had so much love for everyone present on their important day. And there was definitely no room for doubt about the love they had for each other. Dion couldn’t tear his eyes away from his bride, and Erica seemed to be in pure bliss as her husband-to-be vowed to be hers for eternity.

To see more from Erica and Dion’s gallery, check back in a week or two for the continuation of their wedding day. You won’t want to miss their couple shots or the festivities of their reception at the Grand Plaza. Saint Pete Beach seems to be one of Florida’s top choices when it comes to wedding venues, and for good reason, too. A bride is never disappointted with their work because they guarantee absolute satisfaction.

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Cara and Chad { Hilton Downtown Tampa Wedding Photographer }

Cara and Chad had such a seasonal wedding! Set right in the middle of October outside the Hilton in Downtown Tampa, they made sure everything flowed with what is personally my favorite time of year. Autumn. Just look below how perfect it all is! They really succeeded in harmonizing several warm and cool hues, and I absolutely adore the pop of color. They even included twinkly lights and candles in a way that isn’t overrated. Needless to say, I just love love love how dashing the entire set up is.

The Downtown Hilton in Tampa was a great choice in venue as well. The greenery, the water, the brick, all contributes to the Fall aura of Cara and Chad’s wedding. I think I can smell pumpkin and cinnamon spice just by looking at their photo gallery. I’m delighted I had the opportunity to be their wedding photographer! And not only because of their flawless ceremony, wait till you see what their reception looked like. Check back soon for that!

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Diana and Dan { Straz Center Tampa Wedding Photographer }

Being a wedding photographer that’s located on the coast of Florida, ninety percent of the weddings I do are on a beach, so it’s such a nice change of scenery when I’m booked somewhere else, anywhere else. Especially, downtown Tampa. It gives off a different vibe compared to the other cities nearby. All the Northern inspired brick and big ole’ thick trunked trees make it easy to forget you’re in the most south part of the United States.

The outskirts of the Straz Center in particular is one of the star points of Downtown Tampa, which is where Diana and Dan wisely chose as the setting for their ceremony. It made for dazzling pictures that stand out from the massive amount of generic wedding galleries that are captured in Florida and I absolutely love the dark shades used in the bridal parties wardrobe because it helps distinguish Diana and Dan’s wedding even more from the rest of the sunshine state’s.

Check back soon for the follow up of this original wedding at the Straz Center in Downtown Tampa!

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Karime and Matt { Grand Plaza Saint Pete Beach Wedding Photographer }

The Grand Plaza at Saint Pete Beach has seen many brides, but few as stunning as Karime. She’s the kind of girl that is clearly as beautiful on the inside as she is out. However, she still managed to take everyone’s breath away that day, especially the groom’s, with her million dollar smile and classic lace gown. Her wedding was very traditional, but at the same time had a lot of individuality.

A couple things that really stood out to me were the complemental use of detail and color and also the degree of intimacy during the ceremony. Which is due for the most part to their heart-wrenching vows, and the fact that those present were few. Only those nearest and dearest to the bride and groom were there to witness them promise each other eternity. It was a joyous privilege to be chosen as their wedding photographer. I’m so glad I captured this beautiful couple at Saint Pete Beach on their special day. Stay on the look out for Part 2 of Karime and Matt’s wedding!

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